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The term "nutraceutical" was coined form the words, nutrition and pharmaceutical, in 1989 by Stephen DeFelice, MD. nutraceutical can be defined as "a food or part of a food that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and/or treatment of a disease."

NeutraceuticalsAt Longevity MedSpa, we believe in and use nutraceuticals in our treatment protocol. We really are what we eat, and if what we eat is not enough, then we must use these nutraceuticals as adjuncts for DNA repair and maintenance.

"When my patients tell me that they have a good 'American' diet, and I found out what they feel is good, I put them on nutraceuticals, because that they think is good is really not sufficient enough for DNA repair and even not enough to cover their daily requirements!"

Longevity MedSpa has searched long and hard for an excellent supplier of nutraceuticals and we are very happy to have found Suracell. Suracell thought of, and supplies every ingredient needed for DNA repair and maintenance.

Aging and DNA

Aging & DNAAging is the result of genetic inheritance and body reproducing DNA that has been damaged by environmental pollution, harmful lifestyles choices and the overall stress of life in the 21st century. it shows in how we look, feel, and in our susceptibility to age related conditions such as wrinkles, low energy, memory loss, weight gain, joint pain, and cardiovascular disease. Longevity MedSpa and Suracell Personal Genetic Health Program identifies and repairs DNA damage, enabling the body to restore itself to a more youthful, healthier state. Repairing DNA is one of the most effective tools for combating aging at its source.

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the essential compound inside the nucleus of all cells that carries the genetic instructions for making living organisms. Aging occurs in DNA as older damaged cells replicate and the newly formed cells acquire their predecessor's flaws. This inefficient replication process creates Generations of progressively more damaged cells. As the quality of the new cells degrade, the fluid that surrounds the cells becomes deficient in various nutrients and minerals. This causes a breakdown in functions throughout the body and, over time, promote accelerated aging.

Longevity MedSpa has Suracell test for 5 key cellular processes related to cellular aging and DNA damage within each one of the 100 trillion cells that make up the human body.

Methylation: a process whereby certain genes are activated and de-activated, impacting heart and vascular health. Recent research suggests that cardiac aging, brain aging, and development of cancer are, in part, consequences of faulty methylation patterns.

Inflammation: a process by which the body tries to heal itself from injury, infection, and wear-and-tear, especially in the bones and joints. Aging, along with faulty diet, and lifestyle choices, diminishes our resistance against chronic inflammation, which can lead to diabetes, obesity, and congestive heart failure, and digestive diseases.

Glycation: a destructive process in which glucose molecules bind to protein molecules and cell receptor sites, rendering them unable to function. It is affected by blood sugar levels and body fat, which are more difficult to control as we age. Excessive glycation can be major causes of aging and health problems such as cancer and diabetes.

Oxidation: is the production of free radicals--high energy particles than can damage DNA oxidative stress has been tied to diabetes, heart disorders, Alzheimer, rheumatoid arthritis, macular degeneration and kidney disease.

Aging & DNADNA Repair: the body's natural ability to correct DNA damage impacted by heredity, environment, and lifestyle factors (diet, exercise, stress, and pollution). Each one of these processes is controlled by a specific group of genes. When these cellular processes become poorly controlled over time due to damage to the genes, or are sub-optimal from poor genetic inheritance, we suffer further to our DNA at a more rapid rate.

At Longevity MedSpa, we use the 4 part program for age management that combines genetic testing, acupuncture, whole foods, and targeted genetic nutraceuticals. Longevity MedSpa strives to minimize the effects of aging, build and maintain optimal health and immune function, protect against free radical damage, increase energy levels and mental focus, and improve sleep for optimal cell repair.


We are using a revolutionary new 3-Step "Health Restoration" program that is getting great results with all types of chronic health challenges.

Step one. lasts approximately ten days and addresses three of the most common underlying causes of poor health; structural problems, hidden food allergies, and chronic inflammation.

Step two can last 10 or 20 days depending on the severity of your symptoms. This phase is a systematic detox addressing toxic chemicals, harmful bacteria in your system, heavy metal toxicity such as lead or mercury, and overly pourous stomach. Any one of these underlying causes can manifest in a myriad of different symptoms or conditions.

Step three focuses on nourishing nutrient starved cells and on rebuilding damaged joints. This Step is a rebuilding phase and can be followed as long as desired.

Want to hear more? Here's a 3-Step Detox Introduction.