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Hair Removal

Unwanted or excessive hair has been a burden since ancient times. Today, approximately 80 percent of men and women aged 16 to 60 remove face and body hair regularly. The promise of freedom that long-term hair removal brings has found a very interested but somewhat hesitant audience. Concerns over cost and safety of light-based treatments have denied access to many potential customers.

Radiancy's Light Heat Energy (LHE), the next generation in light-based hair removal, answers the needs and concerns of both practitioners and their clients. Its low energy levels create an ultra safe, virtually pain-free treatment that doesn’t require any preparation or skin cooling. The easy-to-use multi-platform flexibility has lowered the cost of treatment to within reasonable boundaries for the average consumer.

Treatments are performed monthly for several months depending on the area being treated, with most areas requiring five to eight treatments for effective long-term removal.

Hair Removal

Flashes of broad-spectrum light and heat from the LUA are applied to the target area.

Hair Removal

The light selectively targets the melanin in the hair, elevating the temperature inside the follicle.

Hair Removal

Direct heat assists coagulation of the hair bulge and root by further raising the temperature inside the follicle.

Hair Removal

The combined energy of the light and heat results in subsequent coagulation of the hair follicle. A natural process eliminates the destroyed hair.

Hair Removal

The result is long-term hair removal for hair-free skin.

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