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Airbrush Tanning

SunFX Spray-Tanning Solutions

Spray Tanning SolutionsThe exclusive SunFX spray on tanning solutions are regarded the world over as the standard in the spray tanning industry. Our solution is used in nearly 4000 SunFX outlets throughout the world today, a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our unique product. Our Premium solutions contain only the highest quality ingredients available. Our solutions contain:

  • No Alcohols
  • No Oils
  • No Artificial preservatives
  • No Artificial perfumes

How is the SunFX spray tanning formulation manufactured?

Spray Tanning SolutionsTo maintain the highest standard and quality for our product, SunFX manufactures its own solutions. Our unique manufacturing process starts with the water used in our product.

Our water purification system filters to an incredible 1 micron particle size. This level of purification is unmatched by any other system in use today. From here our ingredients are checked and re-checked to ensure both quality and purity. Every batch of solution is tested to make sure of its effectiveness. Our manufacturing process is coordinated to make sure the finished product is dispatched on the day of manufacture, or as near to this as is possible. This ensures that our customers receive solution which has been "freshly" produced, an important consideration when dealing with some of the active ingredients in spray tanning solutions.

New! SunFX's Caribbean Chocolate

One of the real success stories of SunFX's recent solution development, Caribbean Chocolate has taken the tanning world by storm. Unlike their other solutions which produce a traditional golden tan, Caribbean Chocolate produces a rich, dark chocolate tan that retains an incredibly natural appearance. Because I'm serious about meeting the demands of my tanning clients, I had to include SunFX Caribbean Chocolate in my range of solutions.