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Acne is a disease of sebaceous glands caused, many believe, by an increase in hormones brought on by the onset of puberty. Although primarily a "teenage" affliction, acne has been known to continue well into adulthood and, in some, has become a life-long battle.

There are several factors that contribute to acne and its proliferation. The key players, however, are the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. The hair follicle is a small tubular cavity from which hair grows and into which the sebaceous glands open. Hair follicles are found everywhere on the body except the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

Radiancy's Light Heat Energy system presents the first true no-compromise solution for acne with excellent clinical results and uncompromised safety on all skin types. Using a unique combination of red light, green light and heat, LHE achieves unmatched clinical results. Patients have experienced up to 90% clearance of acne lesions after a four-week/eight-session treatment course. And most patients were still acne-free at final follow-up three to six months after treatment.

Acne Treatment

Blocked pores create a closed anaerobic environment that leads to rapid buildup of a P. acnes colony under the skin.

Acne Treatment

LHE clears acne safely and effectively with a series of concentrated pulses of light and heat. The green wavelength light penetrates deep into the skin to cause proliferation of porphyrins, resulting in the destruction of P. acnes.

Acne Treatment

LHE results in up to 90% clearance of acne blemishes after a series of eight treatments.

Radiancy LHE and acne information and photos - Courtesy of Radiancy. 2006